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Hi there, I'm Tea! I'm a Femme nb lesbian & it's a pleasure to meet you.

I love my datefriend, Frostie, SOOOO MUCH, please give them a follow sometime!!!

I mostly post Splatoon, WLW shipping, bunnies, Spyro, Puyo Puyo, and a whole lot of rambling. I love Octolings to death, please tag me in them if you can, I'll be super grateful.My alias is NastyMajesty, or Majesty for short.

Splatoon is probably my biggest interest overall, & I've been playing since 2015! I'm a competitive player for the Sugar Stars and leader of the casual sect.Here's my Ikaclo!

My hobbies also include drawing and fic writing! You'll see me talk about these often, and while I don't think I'm the best I strive for improvement so feedback or retweets are always appreciated on my work. I'm also learning how to use blender, albeit very slowly.

I love making new friends, to be honest, so if we're mutuals I'm always open to chatting in dms, even if I'm a little awkward. Be patient and I'll open up to you more and more!