hi!! umm so you see i kind of made this on pure impulse because i got the idea and thought itd be fun...BASICALLY.

i wanted to get everyone something but i was like huh! how! and decided...oh! cards are nice. people liek those. but i cant send cards...

haha so what if i

made them entirely in html

and then i did! this took me a few days and unfortunately i couldnt make it as nice as i WISHED but i still hope everoyne likes it nonetheless!! im sorry the art may be a bit cruddy, i was rushing myself a bit but i also REALLY wanted it to have that CARD!! vibe. youre all really great and im sooo happy to have met you all, if it wasnt 6am id say more sappy things but pls kno i LOVES YOuS!!!!!! anyways um *MAULS U ALL 2 DEATH*

click on the little bunnies...go on, click one that u think might be u. or like, hover over them and look in the bottom left corner of ur screen at the url that might tell u too. hehehe.heeeeh. and dont forget to clikc da images for the full size too!!

Shiloh! Bruno! Cristina! Dog! Elise! Freya! Heather! Jackie! Julie! Kib! Lor! Maddie! Nina! Rowan! Selene! Skye!

(keep in mind this doesnt work on mobile, i didnt have time to test it for that im sowwy :[!)